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Construction of LCD splicing system in control room of Yuanyang Industrial Power Supply Company


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Construction of LCD splicing system in control room of Yuanyang Industrial Power Supply Company

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Recently, the 3×4 LCD splicing project built by Nainuo Technology for a power supply company in Shanxi was officially put into use. The LCD splicing system can support a power supply company in Shanxi to remotely monitor the status of equipment in various substations and other areas, so that the staff can Real-time grasp of relevant information, and when a sudden failure occurs, the command center can formulate specific plans and initiate emergency procedures at the first time, which greatly shortens the failure processing time, reduces the risk of the power grid, and improves the reliability of power supply. In recent years, the power industry has applied more and more monitoring systems, especially the online monitoring system has significant functional advantages and improved the operating efficiency of power equipment.

In the project cooperation, based on the investigation of the actual installation environment of the technical engineers, Nino Technology decided to build a 3×4 LCD splicing system with Nino NZ46015-S5 LCD splicing unit. This 46-inch LCD splicing unit is Nino's proud of 2013. It has a high resolution of 1920×1080P, high brightness of 500cd/m2, high contrast ratio of 3500:1, wide viewing angle of 178 degrees, support for 1080P full HD digital video display, excellent color performance, high image quality display, LED backlight It has the advantages of longevity, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection; the wide viewing angle of 178 brings an extremely wide field of vision, and the use of advanced embedded graphics splicers, access to multiple DVI high-definition signals and video surveillance signals, and meet 7x24 The requirement of uninterrupted work for hours of start-up provides great convenience for remote monitoring of substations. The following is an introduction to the project summary:

Project Name: State Grid Shanxi Electric Power Company Tianzhen County Power Supply Company Control Room LCD Splicing System

1. Project model: 46-inch LCD splicing screen, 3.5mm

2. Splicing method: 3X4, quantity 12 pieces

3. Installation method: wall-mounted, with LED strip screen

4. Signal type: use DVI signal to play

5. Project topology diagram:

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