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After-sales service process:


1. The after-sales service provided by the company

  (1). Consultation service: Users can call the free consultation number: 4006 171 178 for consultation if they encounter any problems during use.

  (2). Replacement service: If the product within the replacement period has a quality problem caused by the manufacturer, the user can go to the dealer to replace it for free (the appearance is damaged, and the warranty is processed).

  (3). Warranty service: If there is a quality problem with the product during the warranty period, the user can go to the local after-sales service center to enjoy the warranty service; there is no local after-sales service center, and the user can entrust the dealer to carry out the warranty service.

  (4). Maintenance service: If there is a quality problem with the product during the maintenance period, the user can go to the local after-sales service center or entrust a dealer to request maintenance service.

2. From the date of purchase, if the product has quality problems under normal use:

   (1). The whole machine will be replaced within three months, free warranty within one year, and limited maintenance within three years.


   (1). The date of purchase is subject to the date of the purchase contract.

   (2). Quality issues do not include the user's personal objections to sound quality, tone color, etc.

        (3). Replacement and warranty services are valid only for general use: all man-made damage (such as user disassembly, improper connection and use, access to improper voltage power supply, use not in accordance with the manual, etc.), transportation and other Damages caused by accidents, natural disasters and other force majeure, repairs and modifications not approved by the company, etc. are not covered by the replacement and free warranty; maintenance services are charged appropriately.

    (4). For the service of discontinued models, our company only makes functional repairs (the appearance may be different from the original product)

     (5). Warranty service does not include shell, manual, packaging

3. Before using our products, please read the product manual carefully

   (Note: The company reserves the right of final interpretation of the product after-sales service regulations)

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After-sales service phone:18025386567

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