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Construction of LCD splicing screen system in Ningbo Jiangshan Wanli Real Estate Sales Office


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Construction of LCD splicing screen system in Ningbo Jiangshan Wanli Real Estate Sales Office

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The construction of the LCD splicing screen system in the sales office of Ningbo Jiangshan Wanli Real Estate has introduced a set of large LCD splicing screens. In order to adapt to market changes and increase publicity, it is planned to install several sets of high-quality LCD splicing exhibition display systems in the sales center lobby. Use this as the display equipment of the sales department for real estate information display, a global bird's-eye view of commercial facilities, schools, traffic conditions around the real estate, etc.; carousel corporate cultural concepts, customer service purposes, and show customers a visual purchasing platform , In the sales center, you can intuitively understand the specific situation of the real estate in a certain area!

The displayed picture is saturated in color, with fine lines and clear lines. The ultra-high resolution 1920*1080 and the clear contrast ratio of 4500:1, high-definition without distortion, display information is clear and bright, without blemishes, and lively and vividly when playing animations, and there will be no lag delay. , The perfect presentation of visual beauty.

Support 7*24 hours operation without damage, adapt to various long-term startup environments, low energy consumption, practice current sustainable development, and make urban development more stylish and simple; ultra-wide 178° viewing angle, display details are invisible, A bird's eye view.

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