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Gansu Lanshi Group LCD Splicing Display Advertising Screen Project Construction


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Gansu Lanshi Group LCD Splicing Display Advertising Screen Project Construction

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Lanshi Group is two of the 156 national key construction projects during my country’s first five-year plan. It is a large-scale leading enterprise group of high-end energy equipment integrating petroleum drilling, refining, and general machinery R&D, design and manufacturing. It is located in Lanzhou. Relying on its high-quality, cost-effective LCD splicing screen products and professional one-stop service, Nainuo Technology has cooperated with Lanshi Group to provide Lanshi Group with a 3×3 LCD splicing screen display system and 65-inch LCD advertising machine 19 station. This set of 3×3 LCD splicing screen display system is equipped with 19 LCD advertising machines for conference video display applications, which provides assistance for Lanshi Group's conference consultation, product display, and corporate image enhancement.

In the cooperation of this project, Ninotech products have brought visual and intuitive high value-added benefits to Lanshi Group. Ninotech’s manufacturer strength and brand services have also been highly recognized by Lanshi Group, and it also demonstrates This has resulted in the strong brand influence of Nainuo Technology and the comprehensive strength of manufacturers.

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