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Hangzhou Huayuanju Ballroom Large Screen Splicing Project


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Hangzhou Huayuanju Ballroom Large Screen Splicing Project

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Recently, the 4×6 LCD splicing system built by Nino for the Huayuanju Ballroom was officially put into use. In the early stage of the project cooperation, the technical engineers of Nannox, based on the concept of responsibility, rigor and service, conducted field inspections on the actual application environment of the LCD splicing system, and combined with the actual needs of users. The 55-inch LCD splicing unit was used to create 4 rows and 6 columns of liquid crystals. Splicing system, the LCD splicing screen has a high resolution of 1920×1080, a high brightness of 500cd/m2, a high contrast ratio of 3500:1, a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees, and supports 1080P full HD digital video display; it adopts a flip-up front maintenance wall-mounted type The installation method is simple and convenient for the entire installation and debugging process, and also provides convenience for later maintenance. In addition, Ninoy's LCD splicing screen adopts LED backlight, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, which prolongs the service life of the LCD splicing screen and saves the user's investment. Meet the needs of customers in all aspects! Highly praised by users! The following is a summary of the project:

Project introduction: Hangzhou Huayuanju Ballroom Large Screen Splicing Project

1.1 Model: 55-inch LCD splicing screen, 3.5MM stitching

1.2 Quantity 24 pieces, 4X6 unit splicing

1.4 Installation: up-turning front maintenance wall-mounted

1.5 Use HDMI and signal playback

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