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Large LCD screen of Hebei Qinhuangdao Energy Trading Center


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Large LCD screen of Hebei Qinhuangdao Energy Trading Center

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Qinhuangdao Energy Trading Center is an important place for crude oil spot trading. The Energy Trading Center is a trading platform integrating product pricing center, trading center, information center, financial center and supply chain management center. The display of various information and information is a must for the trading center. Indispensable. Recently, Hebei’s Qinhuangdao Energy Trading Center has selected Nai Nuo’s 55-inch LCD splicing screen as the centralized control large-screen wall application of the trading center. The project used 30 55-inch LCD splicing screens and 3×10 units to form a large screen. The LCD splicing large-screen wall display system can centrally display various resource information and distribute various functional applications. The large viewing angle and high-definition display effect not only upgrade the high-end grade of the energy trading center, but also enable the major merchants participating in the scene to grasp various information in real time, further accelerating the business development of the energy trading center. The following is a brief introduction of the project:

1.55 inch LCD splicing screen, 5.5MM stitching

2. The quantity is 30 pieces, using 3×10 unit splicing

3. Installation method: floor type

4. Use HDMI signal to play

5. From July 31, 2015 to August 10, 2015

Project topology diagram:

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