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Vanke Real Estate Marketing Hall LCD splicing display


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Vanke Real Estate Marketing Hall LCD splicing display

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Vanke Real Estate is a garden-type real estate residential community. In order to adapt to market changes and increase publicity, it plans to install several sets of high-quality LCD splicing exhibition display systems in the sales center lobby. After many face-to-face interviews, and learned that Nano Technology has been a national high-tech enterprise in the commercial display industry for LCD splicing screen manufacturers for several years, and has many years of experience in the sales center showroom, carefully considered and finally decided to let Nano Technology be your side The LCD splicing expert supplies a set of 55-inch ultra-narrow LCD splicing unit display systems for the marketing halls of Vanke Park Hyatt Bay, Golden Homeland and Golden Mile Blue Bay. The LCD splicing display system is made up of 3×3, 3×4, and 3×3 splicing, which can be used to display various information of real estate, publicity image, promotional advertising lights, and can also make the internal and external structures of residential buildings into three-dimensional Detailed demonstrations in the form of, pictures, and videos allow buyers to see the building types at a glance, showing the stylish and elegant residential environment and VIP-level viewing experience of the real estate.

This 55-inch LCD splicing unit has a 6W/H long life, 7x24 hours of uninterrupted operation, 1920×1080P ultra-high resolution, 500cd/m2 ultra-high brightness, 3500:1 ultra-high contrast, and support 1080P full HD digital video display; low power is only 180W, which not only achieves stable performance, but also achieves environmental protection and energy saving. This is unmatched by ordinary LEDs and home TV screens. The 178-degree wide viewing angle allows you to be on the side of the large screen. Can clearly see high-quality pictures, unaffected by the environment and space. The following is an introduction to the project summary:

1. Project name: Vanke Real Estate Park Hyatt Bay, Golden Home, Golden Mile Blue Bay marketing hall LCD splicing display screen

2. Project model: 55-inch LCD splicing, 3.5 splicing

3. Splicing method: 3×3, 3×4, 3×3, total 30 pieces

4. Installation method: floor-standing

5. Signal type: use HDMI signal to play

6. Project case diagram:




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